Airdrop and Giveaway update

Just a quick update for all members and participants on our Giveaway and Airdrop. Now it’s officially ended with this article and notice. Please kindly read this announcement carefully, so you’ll not miss anything important.


2. Giveaway

  • => Giveaway is also officially ended today
  • => Scripts already picked  the winners and may sent an email about the prize, but kindly please ignore it for this moment. Even if you got an email, you’re not automatically win if you’re cheat. But if you don’t do anything bad then congrats  to you, the prize is yours.
  • => We are checking th winner lists and replaced the winners and rearrange the list. So if you’re on the 5th place, but 2nd and 3rd cheat and banned then congrats you’re became on the 3rd place and so on. Example : 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th(you). We don’t re-draw / re-pick the winners. Just replace and rearrange the list to make it fair for everyone.
  • => This winner list will be available soon, and we conduct a meeting for this. Our decission and the list is final. No complaint about this.

3. Presale 

  • => Presale will end today ( about 3 hours from this article post), and marked as unsucessfull presale. Sadly, but yes. Total token sale : 32,450 from 300,000 allocated about 10,816% and most of buyer is our local investor/partner. We know that it’s not easy to bring the business online, to gain trust from other people to invest on this project. As a trust is earned not given.
  • => For who already bought the GAT token, please kindly hold and give us more time and thank you 🙂

Due the fact of this unsucessfull presale, we push our team to be more focus on development of Gatshare website and app. Thats why we made a decission to end the airdrop and giveaways at the same time. This will make us  more focus on development and we hope with this we will bring more trust and maximaze income for everyone.

So how about our earning ?
No worries, all airdrop and giveaway will be transfered into your account panel. You can request a payment so your Token will be transferred into your account/wallet.

How about listing?
We are still discussing about this with the team. Honestly, for paid listing (CEX) is cost more than a half of our team budget, without investor, we cannot move to good exchange.  We want this project to be a great project from today to the future, so listing is also take a part on our plan, we will only choose well-known exchange for listing and it cost much than we expected. We will need to spend more on development so please kindly patient and don’t rush us about listing and let’s stick to our roadmap. Listing is planned on June. Hope we can bring more solution for this. So if you own GAT, please HOLD we will bring a great news to you :). How about DEX like Pancakeswap, etc? This is also our plan, but wait for the news 🙂

Is there any 2nd round for airdrop and presale?
If we stick to our roadmap, then Yes is the answer. Please kindly read it here and download the whitepaper.

Reply this post if you have any question or anything to ask. or for any other inquires, please contact us, we will happy to assist you here or by email to, contact us button. Thank you

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