April Gatshare Update

Hello There,
Firtsly thank you for everyone that keep supporting this project. Gatshare is rewarding website, you can earn GAT token for simply doing everything you;ve done before. Gatshare will continue to add more feature to the website and app (soon) , so everyone can earn money through GAT token. But How you can earn money?
We will answer this one by one, surely this is will surprise you! At first, you may need to know, that this project will grow based on community. Once we got more members here, more advertisement, advertisers and sponsor will come to use our service. So keep supporting us , buy sharing your articles link, affiliate link (NEW! in your panel, and earn GAT from it just like a PTP (Paid to Promote ) and earn GAT for everyone join under your link).This service will bring an income to us and we share this to all member with GAT token as a reward for all activities you do here. Hmm….is it business you do? 
Nope. What we do here is to bring a real community, that is why we add a feature where user can also write an article and we reward them for it. This article from user is ownable by the user, we never claim it as our article. With this feature, we bring more advantages for user. Lets say, you make an article about an Airdrop, then promote it averywhere. What are the advantages? We are allow all kind of article, include the link you are promote. So when you promote your article, you get :

  1.  Your affiliate link promoted to the community 
    We will never change any article submited, auditor and editor will only read and check the article to make sure its follow our rule, basic rules for an article to be approved.  Main rule is located here
    So if someone click on that link and join, you got a referral. As you can see, we reward people for being active, so this will increase the chance for your article to be read by other people at least by community members.
  2. Reward for your article
    You’ll earn 200 mGAT (0.2 GAT ) for each approved article. You can submit as much as you can, minimal 3 approved article, then the next article will appear automatically but we will remain watch all article post, once it break our rules. There will be a punishment for this (mGat reduction from account or blocked from this features, or permanently blocked)
  3. Reward for comment
    It not jost stop there. You can also earn when someone rate your articles, comment, or share your article. And how much you can earn? We will share this informeation in details in our next article. But basically, we reward 2 mGAT for every comment and up to 50 comments.
  4. Reward for activity
    Another new feature is you’ll earn 10 Mgat for every share, 2 GAT for rating system. And we also set a reward for reading your article.

Is it great? This is article is about Airdrop, you can post anything including a review. Means when you works as an affiliate marketers and promote someone product, you can post it here also and earn from it. We only make a simple rules to everyone for article approval system. Kindly read and follow the rules 🙂
For any other inquires, please contact us, we will happy to assist you here or by email to support@gatshare.digital, contact us button. Thank you

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