Badges Gives You more GAT

As a new development progress, we just conduct a new feature. Now you can earn even more from GAT badge ! Absolutely, this feature is set for who active on this site, from login , comment, share articles, watching videos, visit link and doing all tasks on Gatshare app. We are currently on progress on setting the badge rewards. Only some badges that are active along with this article post. Please read this, you’ll find the most profitable way to earn with Gatshare app / website app.

What is GAT Badges?
Badges is a special reward for active member. Created to make sure everyone active on Gatshare app/website app. All badges are worth of GAT Token that assigned automatically after completation a special requirement (s).

How to earn GAT Badges?
This badges assigned automatically, no need to do a special tasks (even if it’s a special rewards ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Just being active member. As before , we already said that active is a key to the GAT world. You cannot earn GAT token by only doing Airdrop, Giveaway or Competition. Yes, it gave you GAT Token, but onlyย  one or two times!ย  Gatshare is not designed for you that inactive. Believe us, at Gatshare app/website app, we are gives you opportunities to earn GAT for life , for being active.

How much you can Earn?
We divided some badges to some level, more high level , more reward you earn.
For example :
Login Badges (earn badges for only login to your account)
Reward : 100 to 5000 mGAT ( even more)
Special requirements => a spesific amounts of login.
Explanation : (example)
1 login got first badge and earn 100 mGAT
100 login earn level 2 badge and earn 200 mGAT
1000 login earn level 3 badge and earn 500 mGAT ,and so on

Yet, there is no special things you must do, ONLY need to login to your account. ๐Ÿ™‚
This is also for comment badge, social share badge, rating badge, Link Badges and more…

Mainly this website app is designed for author / writer . So being an author absolutely bring you more income . Because the badge will reward you up to 10 GAT ( 10000 mGAT) plus an additional rewards for every visit, comment and rating (explained here)

From this, you can also calculate your daily earn for being an active member. Yet, being active will give you more advantages to earn GAT and money.
Reply this post if you have any question or anything to ask. or for any other inquires, please contact us, we will happy to assist you here or by email to, contact us button. Thank you

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