GAT Airdrop Round 2

Another great news for all, we are open the another Airdrop today, and limited for only 5,000 participants. This airdrop will not use any bot, and will distributed automatically after the Airdrop end. So no more claim, no more screenshot. All you need to do just complete all tasks and wait till it end. Absolutely there is also a referral system on it, so you can earn more by promote your referral link.

Details of airdrop:

Allocated token : 380,000 GAT Token
Max Particiants : 5,000 users
Min Receive : 75 GAT Token
Maximum : 300 GAT Token
Top 3 Referrer will get 200, 100 & 50 GAT
+ 5 random users to earn 20 GAT Token

Tasks and entries :

  1. => Join Gatshare Panel (+5)
  2. => Join Telegram Group (+2)
  3. => Join Telegram Channel (+2)
  4. => Follow Gatshare Twitter (+2)
  5. => Subscribe Gatshare Youtube (+2)
  6. => Follow Gatshare Fanpage (+2)
  7. => Follow Gatshare on Medium and claps (+3)
  8. => Follow Gatshare on Linkedln (+4)
  9. => Retweet our tweet (+4)
  10. => Refer to Earn more (+2)
    1 entry = 3 GAT Token
    (+2) = 2 entries
    Tasks will checked manually, you entries is not final! Unfollow/unsubscribe/fake actions may result on invalid entries or account rejection if do more than 2 fake actions!

Rules and terms :

  1. => Must join Gatshare Panel and confirm email (to active your account)
  2. => Use the same email with Gatshare panel to participate the Airdrop.
  3. => Confirm your Gatshare Airdrop email for system verification. Unconfirmed email will not detected by the system, so if you’re a new user means you must confirm your email twice. Old member only need to confirm email from the airdrop page.
  4.  => Do all tasks and done
  5. => Promote your referral link to earn more
  6. => Anticheat system is active, don’t try to cheat. Be a honest member, and earn honestly.


To Join the Airdrop please click Here


email verification may slow during this Airdrop due to high traffic and system email problem. If you don’t get any email for verification please kindly ask us on Telegram or use the contact us button.

Reply this post if you have any question or anything to ask or for any other inquires, please contact us, we will happy to assist you here or by email to, contact us button. Thank you

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