GAT earning explanation

The new feature update. Complete update and reward system explanation!
Please note that reward is mGAT not GAT. Conversion rate : 1000 mGAT = 1 GAT

  1. Registration reward  (one time 100 mGAT + 100 Mgat)
  2. Daily Login ( Daily 5 mGAT)
  3. Daily Visit website ( Daily 5 mGAT)
  4. Viewing Content ( Daily 2 mGaT for each article max. 10 articles, daily 2 mGAT for each page, include the profile area max 10 times daily)
  5. Publishing Content ( Daily 200 mGAT max. 5 daily)
  6. Daily Comment ( 2 mGAT for each comment max. 200 comment rewarded. Author also earn 2 mGAT for each comment to the article plus 2 mGAT for reply a comment)
  7. Link Click reward ( vary each link min.20 mGAT each link daily)
  8. Video Watch ( vary each video, min. 200 mGAT for each video daily)
  9. Referral System ( 5 mGAT for each visit to the link max 50 daily unique IP , 100 mGAT if someone Join under the link)
  10. Rating System (2 mGAT for eah rating an article, comments rating)
  11. Rank System -( 100 mGAT to 5000 mGAT)


Member Profile

  1. Connect social media (custom reward)
  2. Upload/change member profile picture (50 mGAT max earn 200 mGAT)
  3. Upload/cover member profile (50 mGAT max earn 200 mGAT)
  4. Update profile (max earn 1000 mGAT)
  5. Follow members/make friends (max. 1000 mGAT)
  6. Seach members ( max. 1000 mGAT)
  7. Fortunewheel Game ( Daily 5 free spins)
  8. more to come…..There is also a punishment on the system automatically or based on team decision. This to make a fair earn for everyone and prevent abusive / cheating the sytem.
  • Punishment for deleted comment. (- 20 mGAT for spam comment, -2 mGAT for deleted comment)
  • Punishment for article/post (vary depend on team decission, up to blocked account)
  • Punishment for profile change include upload/remove photo/cover ( -10 mGAT )
  • Abusive earning system ( referral cheat, link cheat, rating cheat) ( vary from -100 to blocked account)We don’t want to give a punishment, so please follow the rules. We will try the best we can to bring the more ways for everyone to earn.

From this, you can also calculate your daily earn for being an active member. Yet, being active will give you more advantages to earn GAT and money.
Reply this post if you have any question or anything to ask. or for any other inquires, please contact us, we will happy to assist you here or by email to, contact us button. Thank you

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