GAT Token Presale Round 2

Hello All,
Today we came with another great news, team decide to open the presale round 2 , absolutely bonus on this presale is still active. This presale is open only for first 150,000 GAT Token and main goal is 15 BNB. All presale funds is uses only for listing on Exchange and to support for the liquidity and market-maker to avoid dump. Honestly, team funds is not enough yet for listing on well-known CEX (Centralized  Exchange). We want the best for GAT Token, so we can grow together from today to the future. Please read to the end, we are fully transparant on this project for all members. Learn about GAT Token Here

Presale details:
Token allocation : 150,000 GAT
Main Goal : 15 BNB
Token Price : 0.0001 BNB / Token
Maximum buy : Unlimited
Bonus:  Active and up to 20% (*)
Listing Plan : 0.0005 BNB / Token

Buy Now  Here or Lear more Here

*Bonus Condition:

< 300 + 0% BONUS
> 300 GAT + 2% BONUS
> 1000 GAT + 4% BONUS
> 5000 GAT + 7% BONUS
> 10000 GAT + 10% BONUS
Max = 20000 GAT + 20% BONUS

Team Funds and Presale Round 1 Details:
Team funds + Investor + Round 1 presale + Ads income = $10,463

Listing + Developments:
Listing : $9,000 + $2,000 Liquidity + market-maker support
Developments : $3,000 (server, app dev, domain  and more)

Team decided only open 2 round on presale and then open public sale until we hit softcap 800,000 GAT Token. Public sale will open at 0.0005 same as Exchange listing price. To learn more please read Here

So what will happen if this round 2 presale fail again?
As explained before team needs at least more $5,000 to be ready for full launch. In order to hit this goal this second round must hit at least 9 BNB. So if we hit the goal project will be continue without having so much problems and runs smoothly. And how about if the presale fail? Unfortunately, there will be a delay on this project, on listing or maybe project will stop temporary or permanently depends on the situation. We will try the best we can to deal with it, and decide the best solution. Lets more prepare to the bad situation:  If in case project fail or temporary/permanently stop, we will inform all ivestors and refund all funds. We believe to GAT project, we will not run away, even if this is fail, we will bring another GAT project on the future with the same app/scripts. We are building trust, today and for future.

After all, we all believe to this project and will try the best we can do for this project.We are not ready to stop or fail. But bad things could be happen anytime, so we do need support from all members. Not only investor, but also all users. Lets build a strong GAT project together. We are strong together!

Reply this post if you have any question or anything to ask. or for any other inquires, please contact us, we will happy to assist you here or by email to, contact us button. Thank you

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