GAT Token


GAT is an internal currency and is used to conduct all operations within the GATshare ecosystem. GAT Tokens has an absolute value for the users, as they get GAT Tokens for their actions for the tasks added by our partner, which can be redeemed for purchases at GATshare website service or transferred to another crypto-wallet. The price of the tokens is also set for growth due to our unique business model, so these rewards may go up in value in the course of time, rather than expire.

Key Features:

  1. GAT is rewards Token for users for doing simple tasks , giveaways and/or Participate on Coin Airdrop from our partner.
  2. GAT is cryptocurrency rewards, which they can turn into real money or redeem for purchases on GATshare and which do not expire and tend to go up in price
  3. Unlike the existing loyalty systems that give points, GATshare transfers value into GAT tokens and credits them directly to the user’s wallet.
  4. GAT is deployed at Binance chain which is Faster and cheaper on transaction fees.GAT is tradable on exchange (soon)


GAT Token – Token Economics

Token Name: GAT Token
Token Symbol: GAT
Total Supply: 5,000,000 GAT
Initial supply: 3,000,000 GAT
Decimals : 18
Token Standart: BEP-20 Token
Token Contract: 0x808fed3E986386b3284065cD9A61da03f3c0D9Fa 
Creator and Fund Wallet: 0x16c4CC11c0Fd1B0422122753F2f4A9f3bbf925Ef
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More info at main site Here

GAT Price Plan:
Presale 1 GAT = 0.0001 =  $0.025 at rate 1 BNB = $250
ITO/ICO price 1 GAT = 0.0005 = $0.12 at rate 1 BNB = $250
Listing price 1 GAT = 0.0008 = $0.20 at rate 1 BNB = $250

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