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Gatshare is a blockchain loyalty platform and ecosystem that enables advertisers, partners, sponsors to rewards members as the customers’ visits or purchases, friends’ invite, follows action, watching videos, read articles, write review, microjobs and other configurable actions with crypto-currency in GAT Token. The price of the tokens is also set for growth due to our unique business model, so these rewards may go up in value in the course of time, rather than expire.


Our mission is simple , the platform will be ready for individual or business especially to boost sales, traffic followers, marketing and introduce product to the market.


Our  Investors and GAT Holder will earn from stacking platform , profit share from website and get the advantage by the token price value growth.


Advertisers and Sponsor will get a result, increased traffic, boost sales performance, more social media viewer and followers and much more..


Earn GAT by simply login,visit, rate and read article, post an article, play game, watching video, write comment, microjobs actions and More..

Member Random Articles

Here are some posts from our members. They Earn GAT Token only by simply promote their business with an article.

Member Random Articles

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