How to Connect Your Social Account

We just made some changes on your profile area, now you can connect your social media account to fast access your account. The developer are still working on it. But yet this is already permanenent feature, and works great. Mainly, if you register on this site by using / connect your social media aacount, then it’s not a big problem. The main problem is you can not change your username, scripts automatically set your username with number ( the dev still working on it, so you can change your username ). But if you want to connect all your social media account and it will apppar on your account profile automatically, you can also set your privacy for this.

To connect your social media account, please follow this steps:

  • => Fistly, go to your profile Area

  • => Then click the gear image, and select ” my account”

  • => After that click on social account, and connect all manually.

  • You’re done. Now you can login with your social media account.

eply this post if you have any question or anything to ask. or for any other inquires, please contact us, we will happy to assist you here or by email to, contact us button. Thank you

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