Minimum Cashout is now 10 GAT

Another Good new for All members.
After the preparation for this website has been completed, now cashout minimum has been reduced by 65% to only 10 GAT. Why ? We knew exactly, there are only limited features to earn GAT from this site, we will try to bring more later. from sponsor and advertiser. The best way to earn is being an active member. From a single post you can make unlimited amount of GAT for life. What you can post? anything! We allow all content as long as it meet all requirements, no rasis, no porn , DMCA protected, not a copy-paste, and more..we will update the rules later.

Back to cashout topic, Once you get enough balance, please kindly use this form to request it or click a button from your account panel. This promotion is only for limited time until we can bring more features to earn GAT.
Please kindly note! Those form is connected to the database, and automatically reduce your GAT balance, so make sure you have enough balance before use the form.

For any other inquires, please contact us, we will happy to assist you here or by email to, contact us button. Thank you

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