New Feature is available

Hello There,

Just a quick update, we just finished on setting up the user panel. The new feature has been added successfully. This feature is user can now make a post and earn GAT from it. Please kindly remember that every post you made will make a lifetime earning for you . The example earning that we set in here will give you lifetime earning. WOW?
How come? Is that true? Yes, we will explain this with the next post.

Special thank you for WordPress for this integration. Glad to use wordpress for this integration. We dicided to use it as it will be simple and easy for everyone with a large features can be added later. This update also came with simple user panel to support this feature. You can simply click ” make a post” on your dasboard and it’ll automatically bring you to new panel. There you can also edit and set your profile , and GAT earning histories.

Articles or post rules will come with the nest update. For now, let’s test it, if you find a bug please kindly report to us.

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