Post Article Terms and Conditions

As you knew, we just upgraded and add a feature where you can also submit an article to our site and earn from it.

But before we can upload the tutorial how you can earn GAT for free by only make a article post, let start from the beginning. Yet all articles must be follow rules created by Gatshare Digital Team, this is a must, or your article / post will not approved.


What we accept?
We accept all type of articles, posts, reviews, airdrop, affiliate review, riddle, joke, news even a comic or any of your woks or product. We accept anything as long as it not break any rules states bellow.

Rules and Conditions :

  1. Article must be at least 100 words
  2. No rasis, porn, bad words in articles. There will be a punishment for this ( mGat reduction from account or blocked from this features, or permanently blocked)
  3. Not a copy-paste articles. Honestly you can qoute ,link or ask the owner first. Copy and republish posts of other people are so wrong. it’s a copyright violation. You can link to other articles or quote them in your article. The other idea is to write a post that refers to the original one (what you like or dislike about it). If you really want a specific article on your website, ask an author for a permission and respect their decision. If your article has been approved but we got a complaint from your article from the owner, we will reduce your account balance as the punishment.
  4. Ad Link or Advertisemet code is not Allowed! Yet you can still post any link, like aafiliate link if you’re promote a product or review it (read terms 5), or your website,blog,telegram, twitter and etc. The xample for the blocked lin is PTP (paid to promote), html ,or ads code. ( mGat reduction from account or blocked from this features, or permanently blocked).
  5. Review must have at least 1 evidence ! You can promote,or write a product review. But must attach at least 1 evidence. Example: payment proof (for website review, but not only wallet screenshot, must your account screenshot), cosmetics review need a photo of you are wearing it.

We think it’s all enough, and our team will review your articles before it’s appear. All these ToS will regurally updated according to website’s need and situation.

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