Unlock your PACT Token on p2pb2b

Hello Readers,
In my last post, I’m promoting P2pb2b.io Airdrop. If you’re not yet read it, you can read it on Free PACT Airdrop from p2pb2b.io , and please join under my link. I’m a big fan of P2pb2b by now. Absolutely, this is not only because the airdrop, but the opportunities to earn more money,  and PACT is has a future.

Before they gave me 100 PACT for join the community and 100 PACT for referring other. But today is only 50 PACT for new user and 10 PACT for refer a friend. This is because , the PACT price already pump 4 times from it’s initial price, from $0.1 to $0.4 in just 2 weeks , and stay around $0.38 to $0.42 . And now you can also trade it on Uniswap and their new DEX called Pactswap. 😀

If you’re a new user then you must be a bit confused why your PACT balance still in Locked ?
That’s why I write this article, so you can get an explanation and unlock it. Lets assume that you’re already verified and own 50 locked PACT token. Now it’s time to unlock it while it’s still open for unlock. As I never know, when the program end or maybe they will change the unlock method again.

There is 3 ways only available to unlock the PACT token as per today. This is also for you that already own unlocked PACT Token.

Method 1 : (easy)

You will need to deposit at least $12 on any crypto- assets that accepted by p2pb2b. Buy PACT and MUST worth $10 USD (25 PACT) and get 10 PACT token unlocked. After it’s unlocked, then sell back your PACT to USDT. Do it again tomorrow , for 5 days till all your PACT unlocked. $12 for $20 is still fair 🙂

Ps : I always use Tron for deposit as it’s cheap and fast confirmed , you can choose your own method. Recommended is Tron. Then sell to USD. Buy any coins/token available on USD then sell it to USDT. Now your USDT is ready for trading PACT.

Method 2 : ( Middle)
Same as method 1, but you’ll need more balance so you can unlock it at once. So you’ll need around $55  to unlock.

Method 3 : (Hard but Powerful and More opportunities to earn NFT)
This is for who already own much unlocked token just like me ( like 1000 or 2000 PACT maybe) but I’ve done since I only have 400 PACT locked 🙂 . You can use method 1 or 2 but since it’s limited to 100 PACT daily, then you’ll need an additional method. Warning!!! : You must ready for your PACT locked for 180 days , and earn 16% annual interest from it. This method can give you a full ability to unlock additional 10% from your Locked PACT. Example Lock 1000 PACT and you can unlock more 100 PACT daily plus ability to earn 16% interest and chance to win an additional NFT.

After your PACT unlocked, you can sell it and cashout or just stake it to earn interest. Best way is lock it at Flexible earning just like i did, so you can sell it anytime and earn while it’s staked there.

I think that is enough for today, you can sent me a message or comment if you still have a question. I’m not a financial advisor, or this is a financial advise. You can do this method by your own risk, as trading is not always profitable. High risk investment!

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